EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 Date to be confirmed


All participants who have purchased an entry to Ministry of Track has two options. The first is that you may obtain a full refund by simply emailing your ticket ref number, or secondly, you may keep your entry for next year and have the option of switching to an alternative race distance, even if the race is more expensive, without penalty. We understand that as we have not set the date as yet, the eventual date might not be suitable for you, so we are also giving you a refund option for 2 weeks after we announce the 2021 date. We thank you for your patience and can’t wait to eventually get on the Track in 2021. Please email ¬†todd@ministryoftrack.co.uk to organise a refund.

Choose your race

Marathon 105 laps 12.00pm  (max 80 entries)

(Please note there is a 5hr limit to this race.)

Half Marathon 52 laps

(max 80 entries)


Junior 5k Start Time 5.15pm

10k Incorporating Club Team 6pm

(Please note there is a 75min limit to this race)

max 80 entries

Elite 10k (Male sub 40 min, Female sub 46 min) 7.25pm

Max 80 entries

Elite 5k (Male sub 20 min, female sub 23 min) 8.15pm

Max 50 entries

Golden Mile Winner takes all. 8.45pm

Max 20 entries, 4 people in last place each lap are withdrawn,

leaving 8 people for the last lap.

Each race has a maximum capacity